Hello Readers

This is a list of the books I am planning to read in December. I am hoping to get through them all, but some unforseen cicumstances have occurred which could prevent me getting through all of these  since I’m not really able to focus on reading (especially for review purposes). I have already had to cancel a few reviews for Blog/Book Tours. 🙁

Withour further ado, here is my December TBR List:


If you are interested in what these books are about, click on the links  below to go to their Goodreads Pages:

  1. Deadly Sweet Lies
  2. Blood, Fire & Ink
  3. Red Stone
  4. Poet Anderson…Of Nightmares
  5. Raining Embers
  6. Saven: Deception
  7. A Curse Of Ash & Iron
  8. Becoming: The Balance Bringer
  9. Unpretty
  10. False Idols
  11. Department 19: Zero Hour
  12. Department 19: Darkest Night

Thanks for stopping by. What’s on your TBR for this month?


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