Hello Readers

I hope you were able to find your way to my new site! Welcome! Not much has changed in terms of content, although I am working on some new content for the future. I just felt so limited in terms of having the option to monetise my blog if that became feasible and install different plug-ins and such.

For those of you who have been following my wordpress.com blog, I hope you will consider following this blog too . I will still be using my wordpress.com site until all my content has been transferred to this site and will be putting out a message there as well to let everyone know where they can find me.

As for now, I don’t have any ads running on my site but I expect that to change in the future, so just a heads up. I am also setting up a newsletter which will only go out once I have some sort of announcement or such so I won’t be filling up your inbox with spam.

Thanks for all who have subscribed and welcome to the new subscribers! To bigger and better things for Cover2Cover in 2016 and beyond!