Title: Radio Head
Author: Rebecca LaClair
Publication Date: Feb 12, 2016

I was granted an eARC of the book for an honest review . This does not affect my opinion of the book in any way!



Book Summary:
Shelby Rey can hear you like a song. With one touch, she’s intune with your every hope, every secret. When a celebritypsychiatrist takes an interest in her case, Shelby comes face-to-face with Zac Wyatt, the lead singer of the world-famous rockband, Grounder. For Zac, success isn’t enough though. He wantsa shot at his first solo album, fame above and beyond Grounder.But the genius behind every one of Grounder’s hits is StanfordLysandre, their heroin-addicted, self-taught lead guitarist. Zac isso jealous he could kill him. Determined to win, Zac realizes thatShelby can do what he can’t-hear the music inside him, uncover hisfeelings, and help him create his own singular style.As Shelby gets closer to the band, she discovers Stanford’s secret to writing his music. It’s a power very familiar to hers, but life-affirmingand not destructive. Can Shelby hide her connection to Zac’s enemy?”


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My Review



Imagine if music was your only friend! I personally wouldn’t mind…

Radio Head brought to mind why I usually don’t gravitate towards contemporary books. The emotions evoked from reading this book are so raw and heart-wrenching.

I found it so devastating that Shelby’s mom treated her as just a meal ticket a means to getting high. She never really seemed to care about Shelby’s state of mind and well-being.The fact that Shelby could ‘hear’ the music in other people was really cool.


I’ve always viewed music as soul healing and I like how music is portrayed in Radio Head , as not just a language but ‘the language’ which transcends all others , spoken or otherwise. Music keeps us sane and comforts us in a way no other medium could and the author does a magnificent job in convincing one of this.


Shelby, who at first appeared naive and simple-minded turns out to just be as intellingent and perceptive, if not more,  than the average perso,  but with a unique view of life and people, seen through music. Zac, a troubled soul, in love with music is struggling to write the music that he feels and is drawn to Shelby because she can see the music in him. He of course, hopes to profit from this which was kind of sad and interesting.


Radio Head is a must -read for all music lovers who would understand the ability of music to transcend and rise above every issue, how it speaks to us and how its effects are metamorphic. It will tug on your heartstrings because of the blend of emotions coming from real characters, the riveting, creative and well written dialogue and prose chronicling the interaction between the characters, and all this with music as a backdrop integrated and interwoven within their lives. You  will come away having gained a new outlook and appprecation of music and its ability to heal the very soul!

My Rating

4 hearts


About Rebecca Laclair:

Rebecca Laclair describes the way music speaks to us, changes us, and validates us in a wav that any music fan immediately recognizes. Rebecca used to think writing was an impossible dream. A Liberal Arts major and graphic design grad, Rebecca rode a motorcycle from an engineering job to owning a wine label design company before discovering that drama is lot more interesting when it’s on the page. A magazine editor, Rebecca has short stories published in Gravel, Wordhaus, and Mixtape Methodology, and blogs about writing. She also mentors teen writers. Never further than a walk from the Pacific Ocean, Rebecca migrated the West Coast, living in Vancouver, Canada, then San Diego and Orange County, California, landing on a forested island in the Pacific Northwest where she is at work on her next novel.
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