Week In Books

Hello Readers

Welcome to my Week In Books! I have read quite a few books this week and have hauled even more than a few. So without further ado, lets’s see how my week went:

Books Read


Pieces Of Hate

The Sleeping Prince

Rebel Of The Sands

A Reaper Of Stone

Masks And Shadows (ARC)


Received For Review

Every Heart A Doorwsy

Malus Domestica



Spells Of Blood And Kin

The Vengeful Half


Book Haul


The Keeper Of The Mist

Rebel Of The Sands

Map Of Fates

The Steep And Thorny Way

Lady Midnight

Gabriel And The Swallows

Into The Dim

Marked In Flesh

Much Of Madness

The Girl Who Could Silence The Wind

United States Of Japan

As you can see, I hauled a lot of books this week. What about you guys: how many books did you haul?