Sunday Scribblings


Hello Readers

For this edition of Sunday Scribblings, I’m sharing 5 bookish facts about myself. Don’t forget to check back every other week for a new Sunday Scribblings post. Let’s get on with it, shall we!

  1. I judge a book by its cover
    Chances are if the cover isn’t pretty or eyecatching in some way, I wouldn’t even bother to read the synopsis unless its by one of my favourite authors or if someone recommends it on Booktube or elsewhere in the blogsophere.
  2. I prefer physical copies to Ebooks but own a lot more Ebooks.
    Why? Simply because for the past 4 yrs or so, we have lived in 3 different countries and we all know how heavy and expensive books are so to take them with me everytime we move or rebuy each time, is not only costly but impractical. I do own a few here in Belgium and once we settle somewhere, my dream is to rebuild my library.
  3. 95% of the books I read come under the umbrella of the fantasy genre, be it YA, Adult, Dark, Epic..
    I have gone through different reading stages in my life. There was once a time when I couldn’t get enough Romance  but now I steer clear of that genre and hate when I’m reading a fantasy novel that is more romance than fantasy. I also had a horror phase and a thriller phase for eg  but fantasy has always been my real love.
  4. I love my Kobo Aura H2o.
    Even though I prefer hardcopies, I don’t have many for the reasons mentioned above, and since I love reading in the bath, the Kobo Aura H20 is perfect for me. Many an ereader (I’ve had 4 others) have succumbed to the steam and falling in the bath, so I need a waterproof ereader and now I have one. I also like its larger screen which allows for a better reading experience plus the built in reading light is simply the best I’ve encountered thus far. If you want to, check it out below using my affiliate link (I get a small percentage from any sales made through this link)
  5. Reading is one of the constants in my life.
    Regardless of what else is going on, what stage I am in my life, my physical location, my marital status, reading has always been there. From the age of 3 until now, I’ve never gone a day without reading, even if its just a chapter, I read daily. I remember back in St Vincent & The Grenadines, where books at that time were not so easy to come by, at least not new releases, that I would re-read books that I owned constantly, because I just have to read. It’s so relaxing and it’s my ultimate escape from all that life throws at me. Now I have a daughter and I’m trying to instill that love of books in her, as my mom once did to all of her children. Books rock!

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have any bookish facts you want to share? Comment below.