the timekeepers war


Title: The Timekeeper’s War the timekeepers war
Author: S.C Jensen
Publication Date: August, 2014

I was granted a copy from the publisher Necro Publications for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion.

Goodreads Summary:

She can find anyone, for the right price—anyone, except her sister.

Ghost searches for her in every dark and desperate corner of the City. But her so-called life changes when she returns home to find a mysterious stranger with an offer to make history…and to find her sister.

A terrorist. One of the most feared figures in the City—and he needs Ghost’s help. Lynch is out to infiltrate, and destroy, the oppressive Ursaar Empire, a scaffolding of untouchable, glittering bridges and buildings above the City’s surface. He offers Ghost a chance to join his cause, to be a part of history in the making, and—more importantly to Ghost—his aid in finding Lyca, ten years gone. Between Lynch, Ghost, and an enigmatic group of scholars called The Timekeepers, the City will soon be reborn.

But Lynch’s plan means war. If Ghost agrees, she must delve deep into the heart, and darkness, of the City and its truths—and her own. Lynch will change everything she thought she knew about their world. How far will her search for Lyca take her? And can Chost live with who she has become once she finds her?


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My Review

This book is a lot different from what I’ve been reading recently but sometimes ‘different’ is what is needed to break up the monotony and The Timekeepers’ War surely did that!

This was such a gripping story. The author does a great job of creating well-developed, flawed and most importantly, memorable characters. The complexity of the characters is without a doubt one of the strong points of this novel, the other being breaking down complex scientific elements so that it is easily digested and doesn’t read like info-dumping.

We have Ghost, our main protagonist, a loner, barely hacking out a living in the underground where safety is a relative term. She is a whiz at finding lost people except the person she wants to find most of all, her younger sister. She suffers from guilt for having lost her in the first place and is determined to do what it takes to get her back, if only she would have a clue where to look. So when Lynch offers to tell her Lyca’s location in exchange for her help on a job, she accepts. But what is she really getting herself into?

Lynch, he has the reputation of being a terrorist and a man to fear. Maybe he is all this and more, an anomaly amongst his kind, he is out for vengeance and allows himself to be used as a tool by the timekeepers in so far as it coincides with his own machinations. He appears to be cold-hearted at first but proves to be compassionate and to be cognitively superior to most which serves him well in his war against the Ursaar; the egotistical, matricidal, megalomaniac who rules what is left of the world from his Empire above ground. He is the reason Lynch exists but that won’t stop Lynch from trying to destroy him.

The Timekeepers have their own agenda and it is revenge. They don’t particularly mind using other people as fodder so long as they get what they want, even if they have to wait a very long time, after all they have the gift of long life and all the time in the world to plan their moves.

I only wish that I could have had a chapter or two from the perspective of the Ursaar to figure out what goes on in his head. The brief glimpes were informative but left me wanting more.

With everyone having their own agenda, this novel takes the reader on an unforgettable ride. The antagonists are downright chilling and the protagonists are heroic when they need to be . All these colorful characters, steady pacing and  intrigue add dimension to a well thought out and executed plot, unlike any I’ve read before. It was captivating, shocking and immersive and I’m left eagerly anticipating the sequel.

My Rating

4 1_2