Week In Books

Hello Readers

Welcome to my Week In Books. This was not such a good week in terms of reading. I had a couple assignments for my studies that I needed to do so reading was on the sideline for this week. I’m not so sure next week will be much better since I am sort of in a slump, not just a reading slump but a general slump. Anyway, I did receive a few books in the mail so that was awesome. Let’s get on with it then:

Books Read

A Creature By Moonlight

The Red Seven

Book Mail

book mail

Girls’ Weekend

The Cleansweep Conspiracy

The Protocols of Uma

The Red Seven

The Wolves of Dynamo

Received For Review

the inquisittion the midnight sea

That concludes this Week in Books.  Do you love book mail as much as I do? Received/bought any cool books recently?