The War of Words [29694]

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Sometimes there’s no better way to understand reality than through fantasy, and the best way to find truth may be in a book – if you can find the right one.

Battles against darkness, a quest for truth, and a search for the book that no one can read are all part of the fantasy adventure in The War of Words. As an evil sorcerer wages war by using mysterious shadows and seeks to gain control by confusing the residents as to what’s real and what isn’t, the fate of the kingdom rests in the hands of Kelsey and Nicholas.

As the youngest officer in the king’s army, Kelsey fights the evil sorcerer s shadows on the battlefield as she explores the kingdom searching for the key to winning the war. Nicholas, a young sorcerer in training who is mastering his craft, discovers how the right words can change the course of the future.

Explore an enchanted maze, uncover the power of words, and learn about friendship in this whimsical tale.

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Guest Post :5 Reasons Why I’m A Freak


I was allowed to choose this topic, so I thought, “why not come clean and admit the truth?” The truth is that I’m a freak. Here are 5 reasons why. If you take the time to read through these, I think you’ll come to understand – and even agree with me.


  1. My favorite vegetable is the beet. I absolutely love them and could eat them every day. I like them picked or roasted, and I know they taste like dirt but I can’t get enough of them!


  1. My second favorite vegetable (and a close second to my top choice) is the Brussels sprout. These guys are like little tiny, baby cabbages and they’re really cute. They also taste great roasted, especially with some balsamic vinegar sprinkled over the top.


  1. I don’t watch TV.


  1. I lied about number 3. I just don’t watch TV when it’s on TV. I typically binge-watch a TV show once I can stream it online and get all seven seasons at one time without commercials. I just don’t have the patience to sit through commercials and life is too short to watch bad TV, so I like to wait until a show has proven itself before I invest several sleepless nights catching up. I don’t even know the numbers of my local network channels.


  1. I never learned how to type and I may be the worst typist in the world. Yes, I’m confessing that I’m a writer who doesn’t know how to type correctly. Mind you, I can type quickly – it’s just not always accurate and my editors have to cull through the crazy autocorrects that result from my inaccurate fingers stumbling over the keyboard at 70 WPM.


I probably had you at the first two points because even people who like vegetables hate beets or Brussel sprouts. The last three points were just to show that it isn’t food-related. I have a few oddities, but I’ll bet that there are at least a few others out there who are just as odd as I am. Feel free to comment and share your own freakish tendencies (Keep it G-rated, though. Please!).


Author’s Bio:

Amy Neftzger [29695]

Amy Neftzger is the author of fiction books for both adults and children. She has also been published in business and academic journals, as well as literary publications.

A few of her favorite things include traveling, books, movies, art, the Oxford comma, and gargoyles.

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