the flight of the griffin

Title: The Flight of the Griffin
Author: C.M. GrayPublication Date: Published October 28th 2015 (Createspace edition)

I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

the flight of the griffin

Goodreads Summary:

As the balance between Order and Chaos shifts, the Kingdom of Freya falls ever deeper into the clutches of dark and evil forces.
Twelve-year-old Pardigan has had enough. He’s breaking into the home of one of Freya’s richest merchants, and he’s doing it tonight … while there’s still hope. But what he discovers sets forth a chain of events that will forever change the world.
Sent on a quest to complete an ancient spell and restore Order, Pardigan and his four friends set sail aboard The Griffin. Yet danger lies at every turn, and they are soon pursued by a bounty hunter known as The Hawk-who will stop at nothing to end their quest. Then there is Belial, Champion of Chaos, who seeks to rule the world of men. Can Pardigan and crew stop the forces of evil before it is too late?
A London Times Children’s Fiction finalist, The Flight of the Griffin is a unique and richly-told fantasy adventure, sure to delight children of all ages

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My Review

The Flight of the Griffin is a fantasy adventure featuring four unlikely heroes who quite by con-incidence or so they thought, are led into a quest to restore the balance of Order in an ever-growing Chaos dominated world , before Chaos can rule completely.

The characters are fun, interesting, memorable and filled with potential for growth, The pacing is smooth, interspersed with action-filled scenes and convincing dialogue. The plot is straightforward with few twists but still delivers for an enjoyable read. It is filled with magic, demons of Chaos, political intrigue and a few hair-raising moments for our young adventurers.

I love the magic system based on Order and Chaos and the idea of a balance being necessary to prevent cataclysmic changes to the world. The way the boys natural abilities are transformed is really cool too as I’m sure they’ll agree. I love the camaraderie between them and the way they embraced going on an adventure even without knowing much of what they were meant to do. This carefree manner is definitely associated with young adults and rings true.

I also loved the way the quest unfolds. since it kept me guessing and engaged, This was a very clever and creative way of incorporating the quest into the story and added another dimension to it.

My only qualm with The Flight of the Griffin was how easily conflicts were resolved. I never felt that impending sense of doom for the characters. Maybe I’m just too bloodthirsty 🙂

Overall, an immersive fun-filled adventure, centered around a quest , in a battle against Chaos and its agents, which is sure to delight fantasy lovers of all ages.

My Rating

4 1_2

About The Author

cm gray

Born in Essex, England in the early 1960’s with a heavy dose of ‘travel lust’, C.M.Gray has since been lucky enough to live and travel in many countries around the world. In fact he has lived for more years outside of England than he has living there! Working as a carpenter, fruit picker and even a stint in stock brokering, he has called home Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayan Mountains, the clamor of central Hong Kong to a farm in deep rural Burgundy. Forever vowing to return and sink his roots once again in English soil… some day, he hasn’t quite made it back yet, but does live a little closer these days; just outside of Barcelona in the middle of the forest with his dogs and two wonderful children.

C.M.Gray’s writing is mostly fantasy and many of the experiences he has had in Asia, Africa and the middle east come to life in his writing. The Flight of the Griffin, a finalist in The Times/Chicken House literary competition 2013, follows the adventures of a group of young orphans as they battle demons and bandits on a magical quest to stop the world from tipping into Chaos, while Shadowland blends fantasy with history as an old story teller takes his audience back to Britain’s dark ages and the birth of the Arthurian legend.

The Sequel to The Flight of the Griffin, Chaos Storm was published early 2013 and the sequel to Shadowland will be published summer 2015.

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