beneath ash and bone

Title: Beneath Ash & Bone
Author: D. Alexander Ward
Publication Date:

I received a copy from the publisher Necro Publications for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

beneath ash and bone

Goodreads Summary:

Selburn, Virginia: A quiet backwater town nestled among the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the days before the Civil War, Sam Lock keeps the peace as the town sheriff, like his father before him.

That peace is shattered during a raging winter storm when a boy goes missing at Evermore, the sprawling estate of Horace Crownhill and his family. Racing against time and the elements, Sam must mount a desperate search for the child—but what he finds in the snow, and the dark halls of Evermore, are madness … and murder.

As Sam searches for truth in a house poisoned by mysteries and haunted by ghosts, he hopes to weather the storm, but the harrowing secrets he uncovers may prove too terrible to bear. Will he escape with his sanity intact or will the dark presence rumored to hold sway over Evermore claim him as another sacrifice?


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My Review

Yet another great read from Necro Publications!

Beneath Ash & Bone grabbed my attention from the get go and didn’t let go until the very end. I was simply unable to put it down and read it in one sitting. Easy, crisp, clear-cut prose draws you in and holds you enthralled, eager to uncover the mystery yet wanting to savour every word and reluctant for it to end.

It has all the elements of a Southern Gothic horror that I love; creepy personages and locale, a house with hidden rooms and buried secrets waiting to be exposed. It was freaking creepy with that slow buildup, like the calm before a storm, and a pervading sense of unease; that things were going to come to an explosive conclusion and when it does it is scary and surprising.

What at first seems to be only a missing persons case morphs into something more, and one could feel the impending doom. Was it an accident or were there sinister forces at work?The secretive atmosphere surrounding the family added to that underlying current of unease which set one’s pulse to racing. I loved that!

The characters are well described and real, especially the main character, Sam. I felt like I really understood him; his ideals, his desire to live up to his father’s legacy yet be his own man and carve out his own destiny, his self-doubt and what scares the hell out of him.

The pacing is perfect, not too rushed but fast enough to keep one engaged. The dialogue is so realistic; the interactions between the characters come over very natural, with a realistic flow and I was never in doubt who was on the word.

A murder mystery with a Southern Gothic horror feel and more than a touch of the supernatural, Beneath Ash & Bone was a fascinating, creepy, riveting, and engaging read and I highly recommend it for lovers of the genre.

My Rating

5 hearts

About The Author

beneath author

D.Alexander Ward is an author of horror and dark fiction. As a member of the Horror Writers Association he is an involved participant in the indie horror community. His stories have appeared in many online venues such as The Midnight Diner and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature as well as nine print anthologies from publishers like Comet Press, Grinning Skull Press, and Hazardous Press. His own books include a collection of his short fiction, A Feast of Buzzards, from Hazardous Press and a novella, After the Fire, available from Dark Hall Press. He is also co-editor of the anthology, Shadows Over Main Street, a collection of small-town Lovecraftian terror from Hazardous Press. Along with his family and the haints in the woods, he lives near the farm where he grew up in what used to be rural Virginia, where his love for the people, passions and folklore of the South was nurtured. There, he spends his nights penning stories of the dark, strange and fantastic. He is active on social media and you can find out more on his website: