Title: Expat
Author: Debbie Duggan
Publication Date: Sept 30, 2015

I was given a copy from the publisher Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.


Goodreads Summary:

To an outsider, Sophie Roberts seems to be living the dream expat life in Dubai: a beautiful home, charming husband and a glamorous magazine job. Her true daily existence tells another story; that of a cheating partner and an unfulfilling career in the gilded desert cage. When Sophie meets her mysterious and beautiful neighbour she is taken on a thrilling journey of self-knowledge. What then, should she do with her new-found desire for Jason Knight, a married schoolteacher? Sophie’s life is about to change, but not before lust, love, dark secrets and even murder all come to play a part. Will Sophie live the happily-ever-after fairy tale, or will she revert to her old, cowardly self? Against a background of intrigue, romance and despair, Sophie is about to find out…


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My Review

An intriguing, enjoyable, somewhat chilling look into the lives of expats in a culture where women are second class citizens, Expat rings with the clear sound of authenticity. It is clear to anyone who has travelled to Dubai or lived in the Emirates how close to truth this fictional account is.

The adage ‘All that glitters. is not gold’ comes to mind while reading Expat. The sacrifices the women, most of all, have to make seems hardly worth it for some, while other take to it like a fish to water, but at what cost?

The author had done a masterful job with the characters and one can’t help but care about them. The essence of the landscape, the people, the hypocrisy and double living rings true. The added essence of danger and the lengths to which some will go to get what they think they’re entitled to is one of the themes within Expat and elevates the story to one that is more thrilling and compelling than one would initially have thought.

There was a desire to have everything turn out well in the end, evoked by the realness of the characters and their situation. This ensures that you will keep turning the pages until the very end. The ending was a twist with a much surprising and happy ending and resolution than I had expected and it was well done.

Overall, a well written, well paced piece of fiction that captures perfectly the lives of expats in the Emirates and one well worth the read.

My Rating

5 hearts