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Title: Day of Rain: Rise of the False Prophet
Author: C.A. Hartway
Publication Date: March 27, 2015

I was given a copy by the publisher Creativia for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

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Goodreads Summay:

In the near future, Helel (Lucifer) and his demonic hosts are cast out of Heaven and thrown to the Earth, where he will lead his wicked army into the portals of time to destroy humanity, and more determinately, the Messiah. If he is victorious, all creation, including the Throne of Heaven will be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity. Even the integrity of God hangs in the balance if the Messiah is destroyed before His time.

Heaven’s angels have been sent into the world as well, to prepare for the Great War against Helel. However, the angels are not aware of their own immortality, for they are “asleep” in human form, walking the earth in dormancy until they are awakened by the 7th angel.

Dr. Malecki Sadeq, a Biblical Archeologist and professor at St. James University has an interesting past. In fact, he often lectures his students on the existence of angels and demons using his own experiences. And just beneath the centuries old cathedral on the university campus, he guards a horrifying secret; an evil bound for over 500 years, is held prisoner until his judgement – the demon, Raphan.

Malecki must confront the demon in order to determine Helel’s plot, which will eventually lead him the False Prophet and hopefully save all creation, even Heaven itself from eternal damnation.

His adopted son, Christopher is the 7th messenger born of a virgin; sent to awaken the “sleeping angels” at the appointed time. Malecki finds him shortly after he was half-born in an alley of a small Colorado town on a cold, rainy October night. His mother, a young Hopi girl died trying to birth him just before the demons arrived to kill him for his special blood. Malecki saved the infant from the demons and raised him as his own son, knowing very well his hidden purpose.

In time, the false prophet builds the third holy temple and unites the world. But this one is not the Ambassador of Peace the world is deceived into believing. The false prophet has intentions to ravage, to kill, and to destroy.


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My Review

“And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world,; he was thrown down to earth, and his angels were thrown down with him”

Revelation 12:9

Have you ever wondered what the last days would be like and whether we are living in the last days? What Armageddon might entail? Well, this fictional tale makes it seem all too real and you’re going to want to take your time reading this one. This is not a ‘read in one sitting’ book. It is complex, thought-provoking and intricately constructed with seeming random dots that eventually connect to complete a convincing puzzle.

I liked the route the author took, keeping it  fictional and interpretational, a sort of ‘what if’ scenario, whilst couching it in subtle references to real-world happenings which could be attributed to the fallen walking amongst us. The author handles a controversial subject with a sort of satirical denouncement of present day society. its rulers and the methods they employ, people and the crimes they perpetrate, other people and the good they try to do. What if the methods often employed which cause suffering are controlled by an unseen evil? It’s superbly developed with layers of religion, spirituality and world events.

The characters are interesting and far from simple. There are many aspects to them and it was intriguing to see their transformations and the way some accepted their roles willingly and other fought against their destinies. That being said, we met quite a few characters and it was a bit jarring at times, not knowing how they fit in but as I mentioned before, even thought they seemed irrelevant, they weren’t.

The author wraps this engaging tale of the end of days around an unsuspecting, doubtful ‘witness’, demons and angels, and destinies long decided. With convincing prose and welll-drawn, vivid characters and world-building, he takes readers on a journey inside what the world might look like with Helel and his demons having been cast down , determined to kill the Messiah and lay waste to the earth and its inhabitants, and I must say it looks familiar. This eminently believable, suspicion-stirring, eye-opening, yet chilling plot will leave readers certain that the end of days are already in fact upon us!

Powerful, insightful and thought-provoking, Day of Rain: Rise of the False Prophet is a compelling read which was mind-blowing and impossible to put down.

My Rating

4 1_2

About The Author

My name is Christopher Hartway, born May 24, 1968. I am a graphic artist, illustrator, and writer. I am married and I have 3 sons. I also have a degree in Marketing from Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio.

I started to write this novel 8 years ago in order to establish a unique story that can satisfy my love of Sci-Fi, and Action. The concept for DAY OF RAIN came to me as I was sitting in church. I wondered, what if… and the rest is history.

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