warped justice

Title: Warped Justice
Author: Kevin Schwartz
Publication Date: Jan 14, 2016

I received a copy from the author for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

warped justice

Goodreads Summary:

The law will protect you. Until it doesn’t.

When Peter Garrison’s failed defense of a client leads to a retribution plot against him, he’s forced to confront a nemesis intent on destroying him. Jason Felding seeks payback after his teenage brother winds up sodomized and mentally scarred during an unfair incarceration. He targets the restaurant owner who put his sibling behind bars and the lawyer who couldn’t get a simple underage drinking case dropped. Obsessed with justice, Jason murders the snitch and, in an elaborate ruse, frames Peter as the killer.

Peter finds himself the prime suspect in a murder that rocks the small town of Quincy, Vermont, a cruel irony since he left his firm frustrated that guilty clients sometimes escape punishment, while innocent ones are convicted. With the help of a crafty private investigator, Peter vows to solve the crime and save his reputation. But as Peter closes in on the truth, both he and his new girlfriend may be next on Jason’s hit list.


My Review

Warped Justice is a story about revenge disguised as justice and it struck home because I could certainly identify with wanting someone to pay for what they had done, inadvertently or not, to cause such pain to a family member.

Justin, one of the main characters, starts out to get justice for this brother, but the path he takes leads him to commit murder, framing Peter for it and finding out that he likes the rush he gets from killing. He has it all planned out, but what he doesn’t plan for is the unpredictability of people and his own growing thirst for violence. Pretty soon his plans starts coming away at the seams and he is quick to resort to more permanent methods, becoming increasingly reliant and addicted to this new-found feeling of power. The justice he gets is definitely warped.

The plot is solid and pretty straight-forward, revolving around revenge, both for Justin and Peter, disguised as justice. It was also very relatable and realistic. I didn’t feel like I needed to suspend my belief since it was something that could happen and probably has many times. I found myself identifying with both Justin and Peter, and I was intrigued by a look into the makings of a killer; what drives someone to take another person’s life and how addictive it could be. The characters are interesting and the pacing is good. The dialogue and interactions were sometimes a bit stilted, but it didn’t affect my overall enjoyment of the story.

All in all, a solid debut with a well-thought out and executed plot and sequence of events, which all merge to form a fascinating suspense/thriller about misplaced loyalty, misguided justice and cold-hearted revenge.

My Rating

4 hearts