geniusGenius: The Game by Leopoldo Gout
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Publication Date: May 3rd 2016
Pages: 304
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Trust no one. Every camera is an eye. Every microphone an ear. Find me and we can stop him together.

The Game: Get ready for Zero Hour as 200 geniuses from around the world go head to head in a competition hand-devised by India’s youngest CEO and visionary.

The Players:
Rex- One of the best programmers/hackers in the world, this 16-year-old Mexican-American is determined to find his missing brother.

Tunde-This 14-year-old self-taught engineering genius has drawn the attention of a ruthless military warlord by single-handedly bringing electricity and internet to his small Nigerian village.

Painted Wolf-One of China’s most respected activist bloggers, this mysterious 16-year-old is being pulled into the spotlight by her father’s new deal with a corrupt Chinese official.

The Stakes: Are higher than you can imagine. Like life and death. Welcome to the revolution. And get ready to run.



I’m so excited to be featuring Genius: The Game by Leopoldo Gout as part of the Sunday Street Team!

Welcome to Cover2Cover and thanks for taking the time out for a quick Q&A!


Could you briefly describe your book for the readers?

In Genius:The Game, a trio of friends – Rex Huerta, a computer coding mastermind and the child of illegal immigrants, Tunde Oni, an engineering prodigy from a rural Nigerian village, and Painted Wolf, a provocative Chinese blogger and game theorist – are determined to change the world. The launch pad for their revolution is a competition called the Game. There, they will compete with 200 other prodigies in a contest that will not only test their brains but also challenge their ideals.


Genius:The Game is book one in an action-packed, cinematic series of novels that explore the outer reaches of technology, the explosive power of young minds, and the bonds of family. It is filled with big ideas and even bigger emotions.


Is Genius: The Game inspired by personal experiences?

Yes! My grade school soccer teacher in Mexico City (Tomas) was from a humble family but his son was a math prodigy. They were able to immigrate to California on a scholarship from NASA because of his son’s ability. It’s a story that’s never left me.


Tell us about the main characters.

REX HUERTA is sixteen and the son of undocumented immigrants and is a brilliant and determined teen. Rex’s got incredible tenacity and wit. He’s sort of like a young Sherlock Holmes. Driven by a love of family and a desire to “hack the world,” Rex is a obstinate optimist though he sometimes doubts his own abilities. A mathematics prodigy, Rex is adept in most computer languages and frequently dreams in code (mostly C++, cause it’s free-form). He is in high school, though he could have skipped and gone straight from middle school to the University of California, Santa Cruz. He fixes computers and does programming in trade for favors and is obsessed with solving Goldbach’s conjecture (unsolved for over 300 years). Any problem Rex encounters – from code to city traffic – he generates solutions.


PAINTED WOLF (AKA CAI): Cai’s sixteen and a strategist. She lives in Beijing and blogs as a “masked crusader” called Painted Wolf. Like Rex, Cai is a prodigy. Her genius is in game theory and social engineering and she has a startling ability to see and experience the wonder of the physical world. Cai will tear up watching a sunset, seeing not just the colors and light but, in her mind, envisioning the complex meteorological phenomenon at work behind the beautiful display.


TUNDE ONI: Tunde’s an engineering prodigy who lives with his family on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria. He’s able to build incredible machines using scrap metal and electronics scavenged from trash heaps and the fallen tools of warfare. Tunde lives in a very tight knit family and they are proud of Tunde’s accomplishments but afraid he’s going to leave them any chance he gets. He assures them he won’t but, deep down, he knows he’s bigger than his village. He dreams in widescreen.


KIRAN BISWAS: An overall science and math prodigy, Kiran is in his early-twenties and pulled himself up from the streets of Dehli. He grew up dirt poor, a child beggar, but has become one of the wealthiest, most powerful people in India. Outside of his genius level math skills, Kiran is also blessed with eidetic memory (also known as total or perfect recall). When he was in his mid-teens he launched India’s biggest IT company, OndScan. As it’s CEO, Kiran lives a life of constant travel and meetings but he has another, larger goal that dominates his working life: Kiran is intent on changing the world. He believes adults have only dug us further and further into an intractable situation but the youth, especially those whose genius allows them to see “outside the box,” can imagine new possibilities – ways to create real and lasting change.


Could you share a favorite quote from the book? Why is it your favorite?

Honestly, it’s too early…  I feel like I just gave birth. I can’t choose just one. Though I will say, it would probably be something that Cai says. I set out to write an authentic young girl and it almost broke me. I was so terrified of disappointing my own daughter, Inés, but I think Cai is the breakout star of the book. (In my humble opinion…)


Did you have difficulty with writing a particular part or writing about a particular character? If so, why?

Yes. Cai, who is also known as Painted Wolf. She is a super bright, edgy Chinese girl and it was hard getting into her head. But I feel like I know her now as well as I know myself. Creating her was my greatest challenge and my greatest reward.


Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Always! I have a television show called Spymasters that I developed with my co-writer Jake Michie and the amazing Simon Kinberg. It’s a very fun project.




I enjoyed having you on my blog today and I wish you success with your future writing!

About the Author


Leopoldo Gout is the producer behind many films including Days of Grace, which A.O. Scott of the New York Times called “a potent and vigorous film.” He is also a writer, artist, and filmmaker. Leopoldo is currently involved in various film and television projects including major adaptations of the Alex Cross series, with the author James Patterson and the upcoming film adaption of Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.


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