Title: Unity
Author: John Leahy
Publication Date: Dec 29, 2015

I received a copy from athe author for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.


Goodreads Summary:

Something is missing in young Jonah Gates. He doesn’t mix or make friends. When his older brother dies tragically of rabies young Jonah finds something to fill the vacuum within him…viruses. His fascination with the viral world grows with the years and he lands a top job working on a highly secret government bio-project. But something dark has accompanied Jonah through the years to adulthood…obsession. Obsession with beautiful girls. When he lays eyes on actress Mary Leydon he is smitten. When she spurns him he cannot purge her from his mind. Jonah is determined to have Mary all to himself. And he is willing to unleash Armageddon to get her…


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My Review

This tale of obsession gone horribly wrong, scared the hell out of me more than any horror novel. The thought that someone could actually go to such lengths due to their sick obsession with another person chilled me to my very core.

The main character Jonah is a sociopath and it seems he was just born that way. It was definitely not a case of not being nurtured. There’s just something wrong with his wiring and so he views the world differently and doesn’t experience emotions the way most people do. I found myself empathising with him because it did seem like he tried to fight his nature but just couldn’t.

His obsession with Mary, who was the third victim of his obsessive nature, led him to concoct a crazy plan but one which made all the sense in the world to him; destroy the rest of the world or as many as possible, so he can have Mary to himself, for himself. As an esteemed, driven virologist, he has the perfect medium to carry out his sick plan. He even has his own name for it; Unity.

As chilling as this tale was, I could not put it down. The author has done a great job making the scientific parts of the novel easy to understand for a layperson yet keeping it interesting to the point where I came to comprehend Jonah’s obsession with and interest for viruses; it was all very fascinating and informative.

This peek into the mind of a sociopath was enlightening, intriguing and scary since it’s not too far from reality. The horror that Mary experienced being stalked was palpable, that feeling of insecurity wondering when next he would turn up, what actions he would take next and being unable to understand why you were the one he chose. Jonah’s thought processes and the way he justified his actions where mind-blowing and caused chills to run up and down my spine. He just couldn’t seem to help his obsessive nature. This really engaged my brain and emotions throughout.

I wasn’t too fond of the ending because I felt like one of the characters introduced towards the end served no real purpose whatsoever and Jonah got off too lightly in my opinion, being the bloodthirsty revenge-seeking person that I am. That is my only qualm with Unity.

The writing is strong, compelling and realistic and the plot is well-paced and engaging. Unity will keep you captivated, unable to put it down with this intimate look into the mind of an obsessed sociopath and the lengths he will go to, to be with the ogject of his obsession.

My Rating

4 1_2

About The Author

john leahy

A past prize-winner at Listowel Writers Week, John Leahy has a number of online publishing credits to his name. CROGIAN is his first novel. When not writing he spends his time teaching music, performing in piano bars, working out and keeping abreast of current affairs. John lives in Killarney, Ireland.

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