Week In Books

Hello Readers

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last Week In Books. I’ve had a rough time blogging lately because I was busy with my finals and the same day I finished, I got what I thought was the flu and turned out to be the Chicken Pox! As a result, I fell behind on my blogging and I’m just getting back into the swing of things.

Well, let’s get on with how this past week went, in books:

Books I Read

Heaven’s Forgotten

Chasing Rabbits

The God Wave



Book Mail

Chasing Rabbits

Moorigad: Dragon Collection

Ashamet Desert Born

Black Machetes

Severed Threads

Buried Threads

Code Name Papa

Error Code

Lost Souls

School of Deaths


The Guardians of Sin

The Future King : Logres

A Fairy-Tale Ending

The Pitchfork of Destiny


The Vatican Protocol

There you have it guys. I had an awesome week. Thanks to publishers, authors, publicists who have been kind enough to send me the print copies listed. How was your week?