heaven's forgotten

Title: Heaven’s Forgotten
Author: Branden Johnson
Publication Date: Oct 15, 2015

heaven's forgotten

Goodreads Summary:

Moira just wants a normal life for her daughter, Penelope. And sometimes, it seems like she has achieved it. Penelope is a sweet, smart, and precocious four-year-old girl. However, she is also the product of Moira’s affair with an angel. Her parentage gives Penelope strength far beyond what any child should possess. It also makes her the target of fallen angels who intend to use her mysterious powers as their way back into Heaven. Worse yet, one of those fallen angels is her own father. Now, Moira finds herself caught up in a terrifying struggle for Penelope’s life against beings more powerful than she can imagine. And when Penelope’s true power is revealed, it will shake the foundations of reality.

Suspenseful and action-packed, Heaven’s Forgotten demonstrates the power of a mother’s love against the longest odds in Heaven and on earth.

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My Review

Books about angels have always interest me, but I very rarely find ones that I like. Heaven’s Forgotten is one of the ones I really enjoyed.

This is a story about a woman Maria or Moira as she is now known who was ‘visited’ by an angel called Michael. She conceived a daughter who is a Nephilim. Her daughter, Penelope. is stronger than normal and gets her in a lot of trouble at school. As a result. they are always moving.

When the angel, Michael, now fallen finds out he has a daughter he must decide if he is going to allow her to be used by the host of fallen angels for their own nefarious purposes. Moira will have to be strong if she is to rescue her daughter from those bent on using her for their own purposes.

I really liked the premise of this story and was curious about how it would play out. I really wish there was more information on the fallen but felt that it was enough for the plot.

The characters were interesting enough but I felt like the main character was lackluster. She had no spunk and if it was left up to her, Penelope would have died, She just basically depended on the men in her life to take care of business for her and so as a main characters, she didn’t shine.

The plot was pretty straightforward with a couple twists that I saw coming but still appreciated, and it moved along at a good pace. There was a bit of suspense, action and intrigue which helped to spice things up a lot.

Overall, a fairly good read with some good elements, an interesting plot and likeable characters.

My Rating

4 hearts

About The Author


Branden Johnson is a writer living near Chicago with his wonderful wife and hyperactive chihuahua. When he’s not writing, he’s playing music in the post-rock band These Guys These Guys.

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