no good son

Title: No Good Son
Author: J.L. Vaughn
Publication Date: Dec 31, 2015

no good son

Goodreads Summary:

Mike is back in Seattle after a year and a half spent in hiding. He is an ex-thief and has returned home to change his life… at least that was his plan. On that first day back he found his brother Jarrod lead astray by someone he knows isn’t to be trusted, someone who looks to have connections to all the wrong people. After a run in with one of Seattle’s most notorious families, Mike must return to his old ways to try and save his brother and the woman he loves from the depths of Seattle’s underworld.

No Good Son is a thrill ride through Seattle that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.


My Review

Wow! What an exhilarating read! I had nno idea what to expect but No Good Son exceeded by far whatever ideas I had about what it was about and how it would be told.

You’re instantly drawn into this tale about two brothers who rob people for a living. After a close call with the cops after their mmost recent ‘job’, with his picture plastered al over the FBI’s Top Ten List, Mike, the older brother disappears, not even contacting his younger brother Jarrod. He ends up working as a Mercenary protecting a family which ends up with everyone dead after an ambush escept for him. He then resolves to confess and turn himself in.

He returns to the States, decides to check in on his brother before giving himself up only to get caught up again. The events from then on spiral into a well of deceit and falsehood which leaves hime unsure about whethere or not he really kniew his brother.

The plot is solid and the pacing is good. I loved the characters and found them to be well developed and multi-faceted. The dialogue and inner monologue ring true and flows smoothly. The conflict and action scenes are well written and thought out and the plot takes a surprising turn which I didn’t see coming.

Even though this novel was on the shorter side, I didn’t feel like it sacrificed character development or plot progression. It was well constructed and brought to life. As such, I have no qualms about this novel.

Overall. a really good debut with an interesting cast of characters, tension and a realistic choice of events guaranteed to keep the reader engaged until the very end.

My Rating

5 hearts