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Today I want to introduce you to a new way to read. The folks at The Pigeonhole contacted me and invited me to check out their site and I was so impressed at the potential for a more interactive approach to reading , that I invited them to write a piece about their site and how it works. Take a look:

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The Pigeonhole is designed to help anybody read any book, at any time, together. We are the book club in your pocket. Little has changed in the way that we read books over the years; even eBooks are simply a digital replication of the physical text. But digital can be different, and we are here to demonstrate just how different it can be. We have taken Dickens and dragged him into the 21st century, using digital serialisation to an app and fun extras to help people fit reading into any lifestyle and turn the launch of a book into a social event.

To do this, we create boutique serialisations so that authors and publishers can increase their digital reach, launch a book in a mobile format, garner data about how their book is read, build an online audience, generate word-of-mouth about a new title and create a discussion-spot for writers to connect with readers.

Few people can tell you what actually happens to a book once it’s left the shelf. When a book is Pigeonholed, we can show what device people are reading their on and where, how quickly, what times they it, what aspects they most commented on, what themes got them chattering, the scenes that made them take to social media… Think of us as a Fitbit for books.

To make things even more interesting, we’ve begun experimenting with disappearing books. In April, in partnership with Head of Zeus, we launched Stefan Ahnhem’s incredible Scandi thriller, Victim Without a Face. Staves were released daily, and people had only until 5am to read each one, after which time it vanished. We wanted to add another element to the joy of reading, a sort of gamification of the text. The chatter between the readers – all reading very much at the same time – and Stefan was wonderful.

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Here’s how it works:

Sign up and pick one of our incredible titles (we cater to all tastes with classics and short stories, chick lit and essays, literary fiction and crime thrillers to boot).

During the launch you will receive one new stave (instalment) every day (or every few days for some books) straight to your Pigeonhole bookshelf, and you’ll be notified by email each time a new stave is released. If you want to read on your iOS device, download our app, and we’ll also send you push notifications to let you know that a stave is ready to read. You can manage which notifications you receive in your account settings.

Once you start reading, you’ll see little extras throughout the text. These might be videos or pictures or Q&As with the author; all will be there to enrich your understanding of your book. And don’t be afraid to leave comments or questions for fellow readers and the author. We like to meet new people inside a book.

Adding a comment to a Pigeonhole book is simple – select a piece of text, hit the speech-bubble icon and type away.

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Once you’ve finished reading, we encourage you to get online and leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Every review is rewarded with a prize, whether it’s your next Pigeon read free, or a special treat handpicked by us especially for you. Just send us a link to the review and you will be rewarded.

Alternatively, if you’ve missed one of the live serialisations, read a book off the shelf. Or set up your own serialisation with friends and family – read together with your nearest and dearest and have your own private conversations through the pages. The Pigeonhole is very flexible, because we believe the way we read should be too.


Join in the fun today with this month’s book

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I hope you guys will check it and let me know what you think!