daughter of shadows

Title: Daughter of Shadows (The Whisper King #2)
Author: Wil Radcliffe
Publication Date: Mar 25, 2016

I received a copy from the publisher Necro Publications for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

the whisper king daughter of shadows

Goodreads Summary:

Beyond the maddening edges of creation lurk nameless horrors greater than the Whisper King himself. To find his kidnapped daughter and save his hometown David Kinder must face these horrors, even as he tries to untangle a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the Whisper King’s empire in the Shadow Mountains. Along the way he reconnects with old friends, makes new alliances, and discovers that sometimes to destroy monsters you must become something… worse.


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My Review

This was a darkly hilarious, gritty fantasy with a surprisingly complex plot filled with twists and new revelations.

In this the sequel to The Whisper King, David is on a mission to retrieve his daughter out of the clutches of The Whisper King. On his efforts to so so. he comes across a threat to the human realm, with his favourite enemy somehow connected to it; Yeller. When he finds out that The Whisper King is not responsible for either of these. he decides to become something even worst than the monsters involved to take down the ones responsible and rescue his daughter.

I was eager to read Daughter of Shadows, having enjoyed the first book so much and I’m happy to say I wasn’t  disappointed. David and his gang including his good friends Lump and Dreck and a surprising blast from the past all work together to get to the bottom of the conspiracy. These characters are so hilarious and certainly know how to throw down and David’s campaign to retrieve his daughter is all the better for it.

The plot went in a totally different direction than I had thought it would but it worked and added dimension and depth to what could have been a predictable outcome and story. I love the author’s use of metaphors and similes. They had me  cackling so hard that I often had to set aside the book as I evoked mental images of what was being described. I love dark humour, I do.

I loved the sense of cameraderie and the themes of ‘family’ which sprung up in this book. The complicated relationship David has with the Whisper King becomes even more so and whatever ‘certainties’ I had in regards to The Whisper King have been thrown out of the window and I’m left even more curious about him and his motives. David is also straddling that line between good and bad and I’m curious to see where he really ends up.

There was literally never a dull moment and even though the language and jokes are crass and over the top, the fighting scenes are violent and gory, I never felt grossed out and it all fell true to the plot and characters. The writer has a way of writing that even though the events and characters are set in this fantastical world, it isn’t hard to suspend one’s beliefs; it feels so realistic and relatable.

I find myself caring about characters that I should normally flat out hate because they are so well crafted; they are flawed and there is no effort to sugarcoat this. The characters really shine because you can see their struggle; they want to do right but the methods they use are not ‘right’ in themselves, so one has to question: even if the outcome is good does using the wrong method negate the good? Very fascinating to watch this struggle and to relate which allowed the violence described to be palatable because it was there for a reason.

This is a must-read for lovers of the genre,  those who read the first book and loved it and also for those not opposed to dark humour in a fantastic setting. It’s fast-paced and action-packed plot is sure to delight lovers of dark fantasy. I enjoyed every word and hope to be reading more of David’s adventures in the future because there is no way this is the end.

My Review

4 1_2

About The Author

will radcliffe

Wil Radcliffe first met the Whisper King when he was five-years-old. He heard the rasping voice late one night, pulling him from a fitful and bitter slumber. It was then this mysterious tyrant charged young Wil with a lifelong mission…to terrify his fellow mortals with tales of deep, primal horror.
And Wil has obeyed.
Because he hopes the Whisper King has beer.
And while he waits for alcoholic rewards he lives a fairly ordinary life with his wife, daughter, and son in some cold, dark place in a realm ringed by skeletal trees and murky lakes. On some maps it is called “Michigan.”