the dragon society

Title: The Dragon Society
Author: Olufunmi Omopariola Olayinka
Publication Date: June 30th 2015

I received a copy from the publisher Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

the dragon society

Goodreads Summary:

As a porter in a London hospital, Dr Steven Attah wonders whether moving his young family from Nigeria to the UK was a good decision. When his friends introduce him to the mysterious and powerful Dragon Society, the answer seems to be yes as success and wealth flows to his family. But, when disaster strikes, he discovers the true cost of membership of the society.
Will Steven be able to free himself from the society’s clutches and get the chance to rebuild his life, or will he discover that once you’ve joined the Dragon Society you can never completely leave it?


My Review

This story is a lesson that all centres around the adage that  ‘all that glitters is not gold’ and that you have to be careful what you wish for, it just might come true but not necessarily in the way you want it to.

It tells the tale of Steve who left his thriving doctor’s practice in Nigeria, lured to the UK by promises of wealth, only to find out it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be; it never is. At his wit’s end and with their savings dwindling by the day. he is forced to take a job as a security officer to make ends meet. It is at this stage in his life he meets an old college friend, Bedo who looks to be the picture of success. Events occur to put him in Bedo’s debt and when he is told of a way to achieve his heart’s desires, though hesitant, and turning a deaf ear to his wife’s admonitions. he accepts and is soon inducted into The Dragon Society. But is he prepared to pay the price of success?

I enjoyed reading this fast paced novel dealing with the battle between good and evil. It was an interesting and intriguing read which reminded me a lot of Nollywood movies of the same nature. The characters and dialogue ring true and I liked who I was meant to like, had empathy for those who deserved it,  disliked the ‘bad guys’, and cursed those who allowed themselves to be manipulated into such precarious positions by joining the society, for being so naive.

The plot was pretty straightforward without many surprising twists or turn of event, which I had hoped for. The supernatural elements which drew me to this novel in the first place, were understated and I had hoped for these to be more detailed; to send chills up and down my spine. The resolution also left me a bit cold since I felt that the elders of The Dragon Society got of way too easy. That being said, I still enjoyed the whole story and I liked the moments of good conquering evil.

Overall, an interesting tale with a hint of the supernatural and the triumph of good over evil with peeks into Nigerian folklore and beliefs with an emphasis on the adage that ‘all that glitters is not gold’.

My Rating

3 1_2