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Eli Fresysson (the author) on The Silent War Series:

The Silent War is a fantasy series I originally published in my native Iceland.

The three that I have translated into English so far make up the trilogy about the young warrior woman Katja. It actually started as a short story that I wrote to feel out certain elements of my setting, but everyone I showed it to liked it so much that I decided to continue where the short left off. Funny how these kinds of things work.

Anyway, Katja’s trilogy (which I unofficially call the Redcloak trilogy) is my personal foray into the “youngster discovers inner power and joins a wider conflict” subgenre of fantasy. I found it a fun opportunity to do what I personally like about those kinds of stories, and to pointedly sidestep the things that tend to annoy me, such as the Special Snowflake syndrome.

Katja does not become the most powerful of her kind in record time, her coming was not foretold in prophecy and she does not rise to save the entire world. She is simply another soldier in the endless fight. The story is essentially about a young woman who does not fit into conventional society finding her place, and embracing her true nature.

As for the setting, it is essentially still recovering from the collapse of the union that held everything together after a great cataclysm, reducing mankind to splintered, warring nations, and moved the true fight against supernatural evil into the shadows. Most have essentially forgotten about the old conflicts and assume they are a thing of the past. Meanwhile, the enemies of mankind merely slumber and plot, awaiting the right moment…


The Books:


the call

The Call ( The Silent War #1) Read my 4.5 * Review
Author: Eli Freysson
Publication Date: February 17th 2015

Goodreads Summary:

All her life sixteen-year-old Katja has been haunted by a strange certainty that she faces a lifetime of conflict. Her dreams foretell of monsters and terrible foes, and she hones combat skills as best she can in a peaceful village in Baldur’s Coast despite not understanding who these foes are or what her purpose is.

After a demon straight from her nightmares descends on the village with terrible consequences, a strange woman with a young face and an ancient bearing arrives. The stranger promises both the answers and all the dangerous adventures her soul yearns for. With that Katja finally goes out into the wider world. Under the woman’s tutelage she beings to hone her supernatural talents as well as her physical ones. But time is short. Old foes seek to step out of the shadows and seize power, and Katja’s baptism of fire draws near . . .


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a clash of shadowsA Clash of Shadows ( The Silent War #2)
Author: Eli Freysson
Publication Date: October 14th 2015

Goodreads Summary:

Young Katja has survived her first skirmish in the Silent War, finally getting to satisfy her inborn warrior nature. But now she has had a taste of adventure and grows restless for another one as her mentor Serdra continues her training in combat and their mystical gifts.

Katja‘s wish for further action is granted when a mysterious night-time clash sets a terrible demon loose in the world of mankind. Katja and her mentor travel to investigate and destroy the monster, as their nature demands.

Between stalking and being stalked by shadowy foes, Katja‘s ability to stand on her own is put to the test. And her excitement fades as the true cause of the conflict they have walked into becomes clear. A truly terrible threat to the world lies at the centre of it, and Katja’s greatest battle yet awaits.


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Firemoon (The Silent War #3)firemoon
Author: Eli Freysson
Publication Date: April 30th 2016

Goodreads Summary:

It is almost time. Katja has prevailed against warriors, curses, demons and revenants and is nearly fully trained as a Redcloak. She and her mentor Serdra have bloodied the Brotherhood of the Pit multiple times, and thwarted their grabs for power.

But now a new leader has risen within the secret order. One with a personal grudge against Katja, the terrible might of the sorcerers of yore, and no patience for the subtle games of the Silent War.

Katja and Serdra get separated, as an invading army bolstered by the Brotherhood’s demonic sorcery marches on a city, bent on conquest. At last, to her great excitement and dread, Katja must stand on her own in the city’s defence. The Brotherhood has brought back the old wars of magic and monsters, and so Katja must embrace her people’s old role as legendary champions.

Beyond a storm of steel, blood and fire lies the purpose and glory Katja has longed for. And near-certain death.


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About Eli Freysson

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I was born in Akureyri, in the north of Iceland in 1982. I spent a few of my earliest years in Norway before moving back to Iceland, initially to Reykjavík and then back to the good old north.

We moved around a lot, but always in or around Akureyri. I graduated high school in 2004, after which I began my writing experiments in earnest. The first version of my first novel (not yet available in English) was ready thirteen years later. I initially wrote in English and attempted to contact foreign publishers, to no success. Good thing too, as my manuscript was in need of many, many rewrites, as I taught myself to write. I eventually translated it into Icelandic and finally got it published in 2011. I followed this up with four self-published novels between 2012-2015.

In 2014 I decided the time had come to move back to English, and released The Call on Amazon in early 2015. A Clash of Shadows followed later that year, and Firemoon came out this spring.

My main hobbies include weight lifting, swimming, walks in the forest, video games, and wasting time on Youtube.

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