the call

Title: The Call ( The Silent War #1)
Author: Eli Freysson
Publication Date: February 17th 2015

I received a copy from the author for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

the call

Goodreads Summary:

All her life sixteen-year-old Katja has been haunted by a strange certainty that she faces a lifetime of conflict. Her dreams foretell of monsters and terrible foes, and she hones combat skills as best she can in a peaceful village in Baldur’s Coast despite not understanding who these foes are or what her purpose is.
After a demon straight from her nightmares descends on the village with terrible consequences, a strange woman with a young face and an ancient bearing arrives. The stranger promises both the answers and all the dangerous adventures her soul yearns for. With that Katja finally goes out into the wider world. Under the woman’s tutelage she beings to hone her supernatural talents as well as her physical ones. But time is short. Old foes seek to step out of the shadows and seize power, and Katja’s baptism of fire draws near . . .


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My Review

An immersive, well written fantasy with a great cast of characters, The Call surprised me with its cadence and well-constructed sentences and flow of events. We follow a young lady of 19 by the name Katja who has heard ‘The Call’ all her life. She loves fighting and has bested everyone in her village and when monsters came calling she made short work of them. News of her conquest soon spread and she comes to the attention of a female warrior called Serdra who also answers ‘The Call’, the lust for combat in the war against evil. She takes Katja under her wing and teaches her to embrace all that she is. She also teachers her how to fight with an array of weapons and instructs her in the ways of the Redcloaks or Greycloaks, their race of people. Redcloaks battle the forces of evil and Katja finally feels she has a hold of her destiny. She works on honing her talents, both physical and supernatural while learning the history of the world and her people’s place in it. As if fighting against the evil wasn’t enough, they also fight a ‘Silent War’ against another group of persons called The Brotherhood who are determined to rid the world of all the Redcloaks if possible, and let evil reign so they could have power and control. Katja is thrown into the midst of all this and will have to sink or swim!

The concept of this world is intriguing with elements of sword and sorcery and has an icy feel to it. There are three main groups of persons aside from the common folk; the Redcloaks/Greycloaks, The Brotherhood, their enemies and the Shades who provide shelter, support and information to the Redcloaks in their fight against the Brotherhood and the hordes of evil. (A minor qualm but I would just prefer to have one name for the Redcloaks/Greycloaks).

The main character Katja has a strong voice and personality  is not the stereotypical chosen that one often comes across in fantasy. She is just one among a number of Redcloaks and far from the best or strongest, still a baby when compared to others. She is impulsive, curious about the world at large, eager to get her skills tested in battle, impetuous as I imagine someone her age and inexperience would be; her character rings true,

The Writing flows at an even pace, interspersed with fighting scenes which are well detailed and easily visualised. There are conflicts which put the main character to the test and propel her growth. Katja’s character shows development throughout. She learns from her mistakes and adapts to new situations. Peeks into the lives of the Shades and key players of The Brotherhood adds dimension to the story and enlightens the readers to certain aspects necessary for the full understanding of the stance taken by both sides in the Silent War. We experience the callousness and hunger for power, cost what cost, by these members of The Brotherhood. There is no shortage of intrigue caused by these different factions.

Combining sword and sorcery in a vivid and mesmerising and often harsh world with a character who is so real and flawed as to be instantly relatable, with the intrigue of the Silent War being fought for centuries in an effort to hold the demons and monsters at bay, The Call is an engaging, well-written, captivating start to a fantasy series, which will grab ahold of your attention and not let go until you come to the very end, thrilled with what you just read and eager to read the sequels.

My Rating

4 1_2

About The Author

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I was born in Akureyri, in the north of Iceland in 1982. I spent a few of my earliest years in Norway before moving back to Iceland, initially to Reykjavík and then back to the good old north.

We moved around a lot, but always in or around Akureyri. I graduated high school in 2004, after which I began my writing experiments in earnest. The first version of my first novel (not yet available in English) was ready thirteen years later. I initially wrote in English and attempted to contact foreign publishers, to no success. Good thing too, as my manuscript was in need of many, many rewrites, as I taught myself to write. I eventually translated it into Icelandic and finally got it published in 2011. I followed this up with four self-published novels between 2012-2015.

In 2014 I decided the time had come to move back to English, and released The Call on Amazon in early 2015. A Clash of Shadows followed later that year, and Firemoon came out this spring.


My main hobbies include weight lifting, swimming, walks in the forest, video games, and wasting time on Youtube.

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