master of the keys

Title: Master of the Keys
Author: A.J Pengally
Publication Date: NOv 26, 2015

master of the keys

Goodreads Summary:

Ancient Egypt, land of eternal mystery, guards a sacred secret zealously locked away for centuries. Unbeknownst to Charlie Masters, a young London ad agency designer, she holds the key. By a twist of fate, Charlie and her friend Jackie find themselves in the Valley of The Kings on an epic adventure through the veils of time in a breath-taking race to discover the truth before it is extinguished forever. Charlie’s unwitting descent into the world of Pharaohs, legend, symbols and greed brings about the unwanted attention of dark forces bent on her destruction and determined to suppress the sacred secret.

Will the powers of Charlie’s past-life help her outwit their ruthless assassins? Will she survive this life-time to share the truth?

Set against the back-drop of the ancient Pyramids, Master of the Keys is a heart-stopping mystical thriller which twists, turns and explodes through time.


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My Review

A mystical adventure filled with actions and thrills, Master of the Keys was an intriguing tale of a woman who is unwillingly drawn into the world of the Pharaoh, where legends are reborn, and she is destined to share the ancient symbols with the world. She is the key that will unlock centuries and secret which will be beneficial to the world. Secret organisations are out to either harm her or help her and not knowing who to trust, adds to the thrills and the danger she faces.

I loved visiting Egypt vicariously through Charlie and I could feel her excitement tempered somewhat by her reluctance. She, as a character. felt true and relatable. I didn’t think that her and Andy were a good fit though. There was no real chemistry and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why they’re together.

Charlie is a sweet and mild-tempered yet determined woman. Her fiend Jacqui is all about having fun which is her defense mechanism because of past experiences. She too is likeable and interesting. Melanie. Charlies’s Nan is by far my favourite character. She is a very spunky old lady and also very smart. I grew to love her and thought she was the epitome of a true lady.

The plot is not as simple as it initially seems. Some surprising personages make an appearance and the plot goes in a direction I had not foreseen. I loved the mixture of legend, Egyptian folklore and covert/secret organisations and agencies, and persons who are not who they profess to be. This really adds to the thrill factor.

The dialogue was at times stilted; didn’t ring true and I found the starred out obscenities annoying. Either include them in their entirety or don’t. They weren’t really necessary anyway.

Overall. Master of Keys was an appealing, well-paced adventure filled with thrills, mysteries, a prophecy and an ending you won’t be able to predict. A must read or fans of Egyptian folklore and adventure.

My Rating

4 hearts