m in the demon realm

Title: M In The Demon Realm
Author: Mark William Hammond
Publication Date: Jan 27, 2014

I received a copy from the author through Word Slinger Publicity for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

m in the demon realm

Goodreads Summary:

Korean adoptee Emma Ricci has big plans. A graduate of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Emma dreams of starting her own fashion line and marrying her boyfriend, Adam. For now, she waits tables in a Korea Town restaurant.

When two masters of Chinese mysticism tell Emma she’s the last in a long line of demon hunters, she assumes she’s met two of New York City’s crazier inhabitants. Her opinion changes quickly when she and Adam are targeted by wendigos, flesh-eating Native American demons. Emma survives the attack. Adam doesn’t.

With the help of Chinese masters Li Bai and Zhan Ziquian, Emma discovers her heritage and past lives as a demon slayer. She also comes to the attention of Anthony DeAngelo, the NYPD detective assigned to the wendigo killings. DeAngelo obviously finds Emma attractive, but isn’t going to let his feelings interfere with his investigation.

As demonic activity increases, it becomes apparent someone-or something-plans to open a hell-gate in Lower Manhattan. Emma’s the only one capable of closing the door to the demon realm. Unfortunately, closing a gate kills the demon slayer.

Starting her own fashion line is beginning to look real unlikely…


My Review

Emma, an adopted Korean, waitress and aspiring fashion designer has been having recurrent nightmares. She has no idea what it all means but she is about to find out when monstrous entities attack her and snatch her boyfriend away in the process, leaving her behind with life-threatening wounds. She barely survives the attack and with the help of two Chinese masters of mysticism, prepares herself mentally and physically to take on her role as the last in line of Demon Killers. She faces the seemingly impossible task of taking on and stopping a sorceror and the demons he controls from opening a Hell Gate and releasing an army of demons. The only problem is, no one has ever  survived closing a Hell Gate!

Such a great premise! Unfortunatly the character development and worldbuilding necessary to take this out ot the zone of ‘ok’ to great could not possibly be accomplished in such a short novel. I also was not fond of the narrative style. It had no flow but felt really choppy. The dialogue too was stilted and unrealistic. The saving grace was the main character, Emma, an ambitious and brave young lady who refused to give up even though she thought she might die in the process. It would have been nice to understand her internal motivations though because she basically decided to play the hero based on what she was told by the two mystics.

I like the re-incarnation aspects and the whole good agains evil theme. The plot is fast-paced, maybe even too much so, and action-packed which I loved. I especially loved the epic battle that the story ended with which pitted M,armed with her really cool ribbon sword, against the sorceror and his minions including hellhounds.

Overall. a reasonably enjoyable urban fantasy with a heroine you can’t help but root for, going up against the baddies with her wits and her ribbon sword, in a fast-paced action-packed plot.

 My Rating

3 hearts