vault of dreams

Title: Vault of Dreams
Author: Luke Taylor
Publication Date: July 31, 2016

I received a copy (ARC) from the author for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

vault of dreams

Goodreads Summary:

Albanland. Emerald hills and ice blue lochs, bordered by Nørds raiders and the haughty monarchs of South Angle, each dynasty eager to seize lands weakened by a civil war in which a usurper has risen to seize the cloven throne.
Morgance, Faer Princess of the Night.
And by her side, the fearsome Ultan Skölhammer, sworn Guardian of the Crown.
But Rhoswen, rightful heir to the throne, princess in exile, leads a final uprising from the depths of the forest, an uprising that twists together the lives of the most unlikely companions.
A notorious thief accused of a crime she did not commit.
A baird apprentice searching for the meaning of life.
A pair of brothers who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.
And a gypsy bound to the ancient artifact known only as the Vault of Dreams.


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My Review

What an interesting and enjoyable read this was, not least because of the writing style used by the author which I must confess, took some getting used to.

Vault of Dreams is a lyrical epic fantasy told from six different perspectives which was a bit jarring at first since I couldn’t see how all of their threads would connect to the overall story-arc and each other. My favourite perspectives were those of ‘The Thistle’  Ultain and Morgance, since their POV are full of action and intrigue and in the case of Morgance, a counter-view to the whole situation.

With its blend of Irish and Nordic influenced characters and lore, VOD weaves a seductive tale of a lost throne and kingdom and those who would to great lengths to see it restored under its rightful heir and leader, Rhoswen. Rhoswen is the heir to the throne of Albanland  who had to go into hiding after Morgance the Fey Queen with one stroke, stole the crown, the throne, her love and her kingdom from her. To take it back, she will have to lead a rebellion with the help of a few key characters and so the different perspectives converged and connected with almost perfect synchronicity. Giving each key character a POV helped to shed insight on their definitive traits. motivations and the part they were to play. I thought the characters were well-developed and fleshed-out and brought to life by the author’s hauntingly lyrical use of descriptive language, which made everyone and everything sound epic and romantic.

It did take me a while to be able to immerse myself fully in this world and to feel some attachment to the characters. I felt at times overwhelmed by the poetical prose used which felt overused but after a few chapters, I began to see the charm in it and came to appreciate it.

Overall, VOD is a lyrical, character driven fantasy tale of a Kingdom at war, its rightful Queen displaced, and the efforts of these unlikely heroes to win it back and mend the wrongs against its people, populated with memorable, real characters all brought to life by the vivid and poetic descriptions employed creatively by its author, which is sure to capture the hearts and emotions of many.

My Rating

4 1_2


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