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Title: A Clash Of Shadows (The Silent War #2)a clash of shadows
Author: Eli Freysson
Publication Date: October 14, 2015

Goodreads Summary:

Young Katja has survived her first skirmish in the Silent War, finally getting to satisfy her inborn warrior nature. But now she has had a taste of adventure and grows restless for another one as her mentor Serdra continues her training in combat and their mystical gifts.

Katja‘s wish for further action is granted when a mysterious night-time clash sets a terrible demon loose in the world of mankind. Katja and her mentor travel to investigate and destroy the monster, as their nature demands.

Between stalking and being stalked by shadowy foes, Katja‘s ability to stand on her own is put to the test. And her excitement fades as the true cause of the conflict they have walked into becomes clear. A truly terrible threat to the world lies at the centre of it, and Katja’s greatest battle yet awaits.


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firemoonTitle: Firemoon (The Silent War #3)
Author: Eli Freysson
Publication Date: April 30, 2016

Goodreads Summary:

It is almost time. Katja has prevailed against warriors, curses, demons and revenants and is nearly fully trained as a Redcloak. She and her mentor Serdra have bloodied the Brotherhood of the Pit multiple times, and thwarted their grabs for power.

But now a new leader has risen within the secret order. One with a personal grudge against Katja, the terrible might of the sorcerers of yore, and no patience for the subtle games of the Silent War.

Katja and Serdra get separated, as an invading army bolstered by the Brotherhood’s demonic sorcery marches on a city, bent on conquest. At last, to her great excitement and dread, Katja must stand on her own in the city’s defence. The Brotherhood has brought back the old wars of magic and monsters, and so Katja must embrace her people’s old role as legendary champions.

Beyond a storm of steel, blood and fire lies the purpose and glory Katja has longed for. And near-certain death.


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My Review

A Clash of Shadows

In this the second instalment of the Silent War series, Katja and Serdra are using the resources of the Shades to gather intel on the Brotherhood of the Pit. They soon find out that there is dissension between the ranks of the Brotherhood and the new leadership is out to get rid of the Redcloaks once and for all and to use such sorcerous means that it will mean employing one of the infamous Death Lords. Katja and Serdra must make sure their plans are thwarted but that’s easier said than done; a Clash of Shadows indeed!

This sequel packs a punch. It’s fast-paced, intense and action-packed with a few close calls for our heroes. Katja has grown as a character and is now more knowledgable about the Redcoats, the different factions on the side of evil and her fighting skills have improved vastly. Her ability to wield the Sentinel Flame has been strengthened and she is able to put it to good use herein.

The plot progresses steadily as Katja and Serdra track down demons and root out the Brotherhood from their hiding places and uncover their plots. Katja has had to rely on her own instances more often and she is far from perfect but learns from her own mistakes. This makes her such a likeable and relatable character.

A Clash of Shadows is an exciting, action-packed instalment in the Silent War Series sure to delight readers.

My Rating

4 1_2


In Firemoon, Katja’s skills and all her knowledge. including her ability to sense sorcery and to ‘see’ events passed, are essential in their continued efforts to thwart the Brotherhood and the forces of evil, with the added pressure of turning the tides of a war. For the first time since encountering Serdra, she has to go about her duties alone and this at a time when so much is at stake. Now she will really put to work all her training and earn her name; Katja Firemoon.

There is a sense of urgency about Firemoon and a culmination of events. Katja is self-reliant, capable and is determined to do her part against the forces of evil as the Brotherhood pulls out all the stops. Light is also shed on the dissension and power struggle within the Brotherhood and the mysterious ‘Dragon and what this means for the world and the Redcloaks.

The plot moves along fairly quickly with here and there what intrigue, mystery and battle scenes against demons, revenants and sorcerers. We also get to meet a few other Redcloaks and learn a bit more about them. Katja surprises even herself and others and will use the Sentinel Flame for an especially touching purpose which will endear her to readers even more as we see a more tender side of her.

Intriguing, suspenseful, full of adventure and demon-fighting scenes, Firemoon is an  entertaining, immersive and tension-filled read and a worthy addition to the series and the fantasy genre as a whole. This whole series was a joy to read and I highly recommend it.

My Rating

4 1_2

About The Author

eli best pic

I was born in Akureyri, in the north of Iceland in 1982. I spent a few of my earliest years in Norway before moving back to Iceland, initially to Reykjavík and then back to the good old north.

We moved around a lot, but always in or around Akureyri. I graduated high school in 2004, after which I began my writing experiments in earnest. The first version of my first novel (not yet available in English) was ready thirteen years later. I initially wrote in English and attempted to contact foreign publishers, to no success. Good thing too, as my manuscript was in need of many, many rewrites, as I taught myself to write. I eventually translated it into Icelandic and finally got it published in 2011. I followed this up with four self-published novels between 2012-2015.

In 2014 I decided the time had come to move back to English, and released The Call on Amazon in early 2015. A Clash of Shadows followed later that year, and Firemoon came out this spring.

My main hobbies include weight lifting, swimming, walks in the forest, video games, and wasting time on Youtube.

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