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This week’s Indie Author Spotlight shines on author E.C Jarvis. Check out her Guest Post below and enter her giveaway for a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card and ecopies of her Blood and Destiny series.

Guest Post

I’m a newbie in the literary world. I’m greener than a freshly watered lawn… or the Olympic diving pool. I can categorically state that I don’t know what I’m doing. Appearances can be deceiving. I have released seven books so far this year, that’s not bad going for a person of my avocado complexion. I don’t claim to be an expert in self-publishing. I can give fellow writers sage advice when it comes to formatting, or uploading books to their chosen distributor, but I have no qualification to show that my advice is worthwhile, or any more relevant than that which a quick google search can provide.

It is an incredibly odd position to be in. I have these books, these wonderful, professional looking books which have been professionally edited. I have a website, a twitter account, a bio, et cetera. I’ve jumped in the deep end with both feet and somehow I’m managing to frantically doggy paddle around without drowning. I am an author. Does that mean my books are perfect? Does that mean my writing skill is on par with the great literary geniuses? Does that mean I can jack in the day job and live off the royalties earned?


But maybe one day, with a little luck and a lot of hard work I might get there. Or at least somewhere in the same zip code.

I have two different series’ in print. One is a steampunk adventure. The other is an erotic romance. Why two different genres? Because my imagination isn’t limited by genre and as an indie writer I have the freedom to write whatever the hell I want to. It gives readers more choice as well. A person might not enjoy the steampunk books but may love the erotic fantasy, or vice versa. When you come to my party you’ll find a good selection of food to suit every taste. At least that’s the goal.

What I can promise, is that you won’t get bored reading my books, regardless of genre. When I began this journey I had no idea how to define myself as a writer. Now, after months of work, the feedback is starting to come in. The readers have done the hard work for me and defined the books. “Fast-paced” is the general consensus. “Page-turner,” “finished in one sitting.” I never would have called my books those things, but now that others have said it, I can see it. I suppose when you spend so long in the company of your work it’s difficult to see the theme for the words. I blame my ability to write with pace on my generation and my upbringing. I’m easily bored and if something doesn’t hold my interest then I give up. That need for constant gratification has seeped into the books.

If you’re looking for sugar-coated worlds where no-one gets hurt and everything turns out rosey, then please don’t buy my books or you’ll be sorely disappointed. But if you want a quick read that will make time fly by and leave your head spinning with swords, pirates, fights, and a touch of mystery thrown in for good measure, then I’m the writer for you.


Her Blood and Destiny Series

the machineTitle: The Machine
Author: E.C Jarvise
Publication Date: January 26th 2016

Goodreads Summary:

Larissa Markus is a humble clerk in a clothing shop with a hidden past when she is swept off her feet by the charismatic Professor. Their whirlwind romance explodes in her face and leads her down a tumultuous path of adventure, intrigue, love and violence. Airships, pirates, corsets, torture, murder, and more await in the first novel of the Blood and Destiny Series from E.C. Jarvis. The Machine is an adult steampunk fantasy book. Possible triggers are present within the book including but not limited to sex, murder, torture, and violence.



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Title: The Piratethe pirate
Author: E.C Jarvis
Publication Date: February 29th 2016

Goodreads Summary:

Larissa’s new role as Captain of a pirate airship was never going to be simple. The mess of events that lead to her change of career don’t seem to be abating. Can she convince her crew to stick around through all the unusual and dangerous events? Or will she succumb to the mounting pressure and grief that others impose on her at every turn? The unravelling mysteries from her past mingle perilously with airships, fights, and explosions galore.

The Pirate is book 2 of the Blood and Destiny Series, following on directly from the events of The Machine.


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the warTitle: The War
Author: E.C Jarvis
Publication Date: May 15th 2016

Goodreads Summary:

When your day begins with an escape from a volcanic eruption and a plane crash leaving you stranded in the desert, you’d be forgiven for giving up all hope. Larissa and Cid have survived the journey to the hostile land of Eptora, having experienced an incredible number of bizarre events. Can their luck hold out on the journey home? Larissa and Holt both believe each other dead, and with good reason.

As she learns more unsettling details of her father’s past, and his devious plans for the future, Larissa once again finds herself in the middle of a mess. With two nations on the verge of a war fabricated for one reason, it’s up to the unlikely crew under Larissa’s command to put a stop to the inevitable.

Fights, airships and explosions keep readers of this fast paced action adventure on their toes once more


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Title: The Destinythe destiny
E.C Jarvis
Publication Date: August 21st 2016

Goodreads Summary:

When you’re listed as one of the most wanted criminals in the country, arriving home to a cavalcade of warships staring you in the face doesn’t bode well. The only hope for Larissa and her misfit crew is the utter complacency of her enemies. Who would suspect a meek store clerk could make it to the Capital with the intention of assassinating the President?
Their journey becomes ever more perilous as they find themselves trapped in the midst of a disastrous airship battle between the Sky Force and a band of pirates.

Lose yourself in the twists and turns of the nail biting conclusion to the Blood and Destiny Series.


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About The Author

EC Jarvis

E.C. Jarvis is a British author working mainly in speculative and fantasy fiction genres.

Since 2015, she has independently published five books spanning two different genres and series. The Machine, The Pirate, and The War in The Blood and Destiny series – a steampunk adventure. Desire and Duty, and Lust and Lies in The Consort’s Chronicles series – an erotic fantasy.

If you like action packed, fast-paced page turners, then try one of her books. There’s never a dull moment in those pages.

She was born in Surrey, England in 1982. She now resides in Hampshire, England with her daughter and husband.

For more information visit:

Website / Amazon / Facebook / Twitter


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