Title: Shifting In The Realms
Author: Theresa Snyder
Publication Date: January 29th 2013

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Goodreads Summary:

The Realms refers to a parallel dimension hidden between Minneapolis and St. Paul where creatures humans think of as only mythical roam free.

Cody is a shape shift with some monumental problems that all started when he died. He’s escaped to The Realms from the midlands between Heaven and Hell only to find his best friend is potential food for the resident vampires, his girlfriend only loves him in his wolf form and her mother…well that’s a whole other story.

It isn’t easy being Cody, but like a good wolf he’ll do what he can to protect his pack even if it kills him. Wait…he’s already dead.

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My Review

What a fun, quick read. I really do like urban fantasy especially when it has a combination of different mythological creatures and I especially love the vampire/shapeshifters mix. Now, I’ve read quite a few of these but I’m pleased to note that there were a few differences in terms of the shifting process which has a more ‘magical’ element to it.

The characterisation was also quite good. The main character Cody fits his role as a teenage boy full of angst and socially awkward, who just also happens to be a wolf shifter. I found that his character felt real and acted like I imagine someone of his age group would act in the given situation, therefore he was very believable. I admire his sense of loyalty and his gawkinees.

Another aspect of this novella that I really like was the existence of The Realms, another world alongside our where humans are basically food and or ‘worker ants’ and the vampires are the bosses. There are also other creatures and my favourite out of all those mentioned has to be the fire-demon Azur. She is just bad-ass and I love that she used her power for ‘good’. The whole system is explained in just enough detail so that I had a clear picture of this world.

My only qualm is that it isn’t a full novel and ended rather abruptly. I enjoyed this quick paranormal/urban fantasy read and was captivated by the story. I would recommend it for lovers of urban fantasy or paranormal fantasy.

My Rating

4 hearts