Title: Trojan
Author: Michael L. Wallace
Publication Date: Feb 22, 2016

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Goodreads Summary:

Victor Walker’s sole responsibility as Sr. Manager of White House Defense Armament Systems was to ensure America’s flagship armament servers remain up and operational, to protect against major attacks, both foreign and domestic. His performance garnered him praise for his genius from both the office of the President and the Secretary of Defense. On the evening of August 7th, a dark cloud overshadowed his otherwise bright and shining existence. Suddenly and without warning, all flagship armament servers crashed – a complete meltdown. Star Wars, Air Force One, Doomsday Briefcase and Guidance Systems were all rendered useless. As Victor raced to ID the root cause of the disaster to avert a non-defensible strike on America, he found something didn’t pass the smell test. Indicators pointed to a rodent on the loose – to a Trojan – to a mole within America’s government that was assisting a hostile enemy.

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My Review

Absolutely a hidden gem. This reads like a best-selling political thriller. It has action galore and the tension is palpable as the protagonist races to secure the security of the armamant systems while under the suspicion of being connected with the terrorists and fighting to keep his marriage. Loved it!

The prologue sets the tone for this thriller as the simulated exercise conducted by senior manager of the White House Computter Armament Systems, Victor later becomes intrinsic to how his team will respond in the face of this terrorist threat. Victor must secure the Systems whilst trying to uncover a mole, clear his name and save his marriage. This makes for a very exciting, highly immersive read. The topic of military security is well-handled and I feel certain that the author either has experience in this field or has doen extensive research. It comes off as highly believeable and realistic yet the terminology is easily understoond and doesn’t bore one to death.

The writing is clear and concise and flows smoothly helped along by the realistic nature of the plot, authentic sounding dialogue, action-packed scenes and injected tension. The story is an immersive, edge-of-your-seat read and will leave the reader rooting emphatically for Victor as he races against the clock. The pace is fast, the plot is unpredictable and the characters are well developed. The reader will find him/herself invested in the story and will want to know how it all plays out.

I did have to suspend my belief a bit in terms of how easily some of the situations Victor got in were resolved and but it did not affect my overall enjoyment.

Trojan is a fast-paced, electric and  engaging thriller with many twists and turns and a very satisfying conclusion on par with some of the best-selling books in it’s genre. It is sure to delight fans of political/spy thrillers.

My Rating

5 hearts