Title: Saint George: Rusty Knight and Monster Tamer
Author: John Powell
Publication Date: September 24th 2015

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Goodreads Synopsis:

Humorous tales about an impoverished knight in old England who discovers a way to tame the great variety of monsters that roam the land in the days of Good King Freddie the Umteenth and his prime minister Merlin the Whirlin.

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My Review

I loved this laugh out loud, shake your head in utter amazement, satirical tale of Saint George with his rusted armour which the does practically everything in, even a game of cricket, the king who can’t read and his trusty advisor Merlin who reads all the correspondence and practically runs the kingdom for the king.

Forget all you think you know about Saint George and his monster hunting prowess. This George quite by accident came across a way to tame the monsters plaguing the land and it requires absolutely no swordplay or bravery; it only requires Marmorgugelhupg cake, which all the monster find irresistible. When Merlin finds out about his monster-taming qualities. he convinces th eking to hire Georges as Patron Saint of England and Minister for the Environment. Accompanied by his trusty assistant Jack, George manages to save the county from all manner of incidents from the monsters to an Scottish invasion!

What a funny book! The characters are just humourous and the monsters whose names are the weirdest I’ve come across are plenty and fearsome until faced with Saint George and his trusty cake. I love that each chapter is a different adventure and the illustrations throughout the book makes it perfect for a young reader transitioning from picture book. I also love that GEorge is not infallible as he normally portrayed but is still a hero in his own goofy way.

Most of the satirical elements are British culture related so if one os not familiar with these, then the references might not make a lot of sense. Also, younger children might not understand the satirical aspects f it which is why this is a great book for children and adults alike.

My Rating

5 hearts