Title: Blood Tide ( Aquarius Rising #2)
Author: Brian Burt
Published : Aug 27, 2015

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Goodreads Summary:

Winner of the 2016 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal for Science Fiction:

Megalops is an Aquarian, a human-dolphin hybrid who lives in one of the many reef-cities that thrive beneath the waves on an Earth ravaged by climate change. Some of the Humans who cling to the barren lands blame Aquarius for their plight and unleashed the Medusa Plague that entombed Megalops’s wife and daughter in stone. Tormented by that loss, Megalops dedicates everything to avenging his murdered family, no matter what the cost. He unleashes a Vendetta Virus as cruel and lethal as the Medusa Plague, a bio-weapon that transforms living Humans into Aquarian corpses.

Ocypode — one of the heroes who stopped the Medusa Plague — and his band of Human and Aquarian allies battle desperate odds to prevent Megalops from committing an act of genocide that will escalate into global conflict, dragging the Earth’s other humanoid species into the chaos. War demands sacrifice. If Mother Earth and Mother Ocean wage war against each other, will anyone survive?


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My Review

An interesting, thought-provoking story of cataclysmic events, Blood Tide follows Megalops who is literally crazy with grief and out for revenge in the wake of the Medusa Massacre which took his family away from him, Consumed with anger he decides to unleash a virus to equal the Medusa Plague, designed to transform the humans into Aquarian corpses, just as their Medusa Plague transformed the Aquarians into stone. It is up to Ocypode and his band of humans and Aquarians allies to stand in his way. Will they succeed?

This book has so many elements working in tandem to create an enjoyable, well-written and immersive story. I loved the idea of this other race, the human dolphin hybrids called Aquarians and their reef city. This is at its heart very much an environmental thriller with Sci-Fi elements.

Megalops’ character really comes to life and even though he is definitely off his rockers, one can understand and empathise with him even though his brand of justice is nothing but outright vengeance, cost what cost. His actions are deplorable, yes, but he is really only blinded by grief and a strong feeling of injustice. I also felt sorry for the humans even though they could be seen as the catalyst of this, since they were the ones to throw the first punch by unleashing the Medusa Plague with devastating effects. Ocypode is another memorable character whose determination and courage is to be admired.

There were a few surprising twists and turns and lots of tension leading up to the end. The conflict and the various personality clashes, all make for an exciting read. I loved the over-arching themes of love and loss, justice, determination, sacrifice and courage which is all wrapped up in the action-packed, thrilling plot.

I only wish I had read the first book before as I felt like there were some things that would have been explained there that would have led to a deeper understanding and appreciation overall. As such, I would recommend reading them in sequence.

Overall, Blood Tide was a great example of how one man’s ‘justice’ is another man’s ‘vengeance’ and how destructive grief, handled incorrectly, could be; cataclysmic.

My Rating

4 hearts