Title: The Charm Hunter
Author: K. Trap Jones
Published December 11th 2015 by Bedlam Press (An imprint of Necro Publications)

I received a copy from the publisher. This does not affect my opinion in any way.


Goodreads Summary:

For bounty hunter Gus Marcus, life was always about dealing with the scum of society, but he thought his luck changed when he encountered the seductive Lady Luck.

Offering Gus the job of a lifetime, Lady Luck sends him on a gore infested, chaotic adventure to recapture her seven lost charms. Within sadistic fairy tale worlds full of demented characters, Gus must wade through insanity in order to recover the charms while keeping his eye on the payout…everlasting luck.

“Irreverent, hallucinatory, and noiresque — and eye-poppingly hilarious in the stylistic presentation of its ultimately grim viewpoint. I’ve never laughed so uproariously at a tale so dark and pessimistic. This is genre-bending brilliance. Today, there’s a new generation of horror writers bursting onto the scene, and Jones is one of the leaders of the pack.”

— Edward Lee, author of City Infernal, Header, and The Bighead


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My Review

The first thing that struck me about this book was that the main character has a very pessimistic, cynical outlook on life and he kind of reminds me of myself in not wanting to interact much with people and just content being my myself, doing not more than necessary in terms of social contact.

“Others seek out companionship, whereas I try my hardest to avoid the putrid confrontations. I hate the fakeness. the small talk; I hate it all!

I couldn’t have summed up my feelings about socialising any better. This made me identify somewhat better with Gus. That being sad, Gus had a pretty f**ked up, traumatic childhood and a pretty dismal life not helped by his cynicism and social awkwardness. Needless to say Gus wouldn’t say no to some luck, so when Lady Luck herself offers him a lifetime of it, Gus barely hesitates. After all, how hard could it be to hunt down six luck charms…right? Well, picture a weed-smoking hare who is fast with a blade…

I loved the grittiness, no punches-pulled, prose, told in this no-nonsense, cut-and-dried manner. Gus is far from a ‘good guy’ , but he grows on you…honestly….sort of. The plot is interestingly weird and hilarious as f**k and Lady Luck is one heck of a ‘Lady’ (I use the term loosely) but she is one you would want on your side if you want to improve your luck 😉

This was so much fun; the laugh-out-loud, guffaw in disbelief, cringeworthy kind, and I loved every hard-hitting unapologetically raw, in-your-face moment of it. I kept asking myself  how the heck does someone come up with stuff like this. Huge points to the author for an imagination that does not quit!

I recommend The Charm Hunter for those who like their urban fantasy dark, humorous, at times horrific and raunchy. I for one loved it. This is most definitely not for children and the squeamish.

My Rating

4 hearts

About The Author


K. Trap Jones is an author of 6 novels and 65+ short stories specializing in narrative splatterpunk and literary horror. With inspiration from Dante Alighieri and Edgar Allan Poe, he has a temptation towards narrative folklore, classic literary works and obscure segments within society. His novel, The Sinner won the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award. As a product of the ’80s, he likes his movies bloody and his music heavy. He can be found lurking around Tampa, FL.

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