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Hello everyone It’s been a long time huh? I’ve been having problems with my site and have since had it transferred. So, expect to see some changes and new reviews and blog tours etc going up soon. Thanks for sticking...

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A Quick Update

Hello Readers As of late, my posting has been sporadic. I want to reassure you that I’m still here and I’m still interested in blogging. I had a few issues with the site itself that needed to be sorted out and I am planning to update the theme and the layout. I’ve also been sick for more than a week with the flu and I’m still recovering so my reading has also been sporadic. I am currently 8 books behind on my Goodreads Challenge which bothers me a bit but I’m trying to ignore it because if I were to force myself to read more, I would just end up I’m more of a slump than I’m already in. I am thinking of cutting back my review schedule to at least once a week during this slumpy, weird, transitional period I’m in at the moment. I’m also putting Fast-Forward Fridays on hold and Week In Books since my reading pace is really slow right now. That means that for a while, I’ll be reverting to monthly Wrap-ups and Want to Reads. Hopefully you my loyal readers/followers/site visitors, will stick around even during these tumultuous times. If not, I totally understand, if you do, thanks so much for your patience and...

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My Blogging Resolutions 2017

Hello Readers 2016 was a very inconsistent blogging year for me. I had so much stuff I was and still am dealing with personally that I couldn’t meet a lot of my blogging commitments especially reviewing. I’m a reader so I’m always reading but it got to the point where I was only reading for comfort so I’m way behind on my reviewing and I feel terrible about it because I hate to go back on my word. Even though I never gave a set date for reviews, except for those whose release dates are upcoming, I still expected...

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General Update

Hello everyone I just wanted to give a general update and blanket apology to readers, authors, tour hosts. I have had a trying couple weeks. First, I was overwhelmed with my finals since, procrastinator that I am, I left it until the very last-minute, and then had to pull a few all-nighters to be able to complete everything on time. As a result, my posting schedule has suffered and I missed a couple of postings. For that, I’m really sorry. I hate to have to back out on anything and I did let the Tour Hosts know why but I still felt bad about it. Secondly, right after handing in my assignments for finals, thinking I was free to get back to blogging and reading etc, I fell sick with what I thought was the flu. I have all the symptoms. Turns out I have the Chicken Pox. My 3-year-old daughter just recovered from it and just when I thought I had escaped unscathed, it got me. Now, if it was only the itching, I could deal with that, annoying though it may be. But, I have the flu-like symptoms too which prevents me from being able to do much of anything. This post alone has taken me almost a day to complete because my eyes hurt so much, I can’t stand to be in front of the computer....

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New Blog/Website

Hello Readers I hope you were able to find your way to my new site! Welcome! Not much has changed in terms of content, although I am working on some new content for the future. I just felt so limited in terms of having the option to monetise my blog if that became feasible and install different plug-ins and such. For those of you who have been following my blog, I hope you will consider following this blog too . I will still be using my site until all my content has been transferred to this site and will be putting out a message there as well to let everyone know where they can find me. As for now, I don’t have any ads running on my site but I expect that to change in the future, so just a heads up. I am also setting up a newsletter which will only go out once I have some sort of announcement or such so I won’t be filling up your inbox with spam. Thanks for all who have subscribed and welcome to the new subscribers! To bigger and better things for Cover2Cover in 2016 and...

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A lover, reader and connoisseur of books! I love fantasy and its sub genres and I enjoy a good thriller every now and then.

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