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Blog Tour: To Catch A Cat Thief by Sean Cummings

To Catch a Cat Thief by Sean Cummings Publisher: Rebelight Publishing Genre: Middle Grade/mystery/humor Hundreds of cats are missing! Fear not-Penelope Ann Pickersgill and her hippie grandma are on the case. While her friends go to cool camps, twelve-year-old Penelope has to spend the summer with Grandma Bev, who is convinced that cat-eating aliens are beaming the town’s furry friends aboard their mother ship at night. Lights in the sky point to UFO’s, but Penelope is sure there’s a more logical explanation. With a little help from Sherlock Holmes, she and Grandma Bev set out to find the cats. Will they be able to solve the mystery before all the cats in Thornhill disappear? Purchase it here: Amazon | B&N | Chapters | Kobo | TBD | iBooks My Review I found this to be a delightully funny read. The characters were quirky and witty and the pacing was smooth. The mystery was really well done and my guesses were all wrong! I found Penelope’s character to be realistic; she was concerned about the things children at that age are concerned about. She is smart and a perfect balance to her grandmother’s quirkiness. She gets her gran to start thinking logically instead of looking for aliens as the cause of the cats’ disappearence. Grandma Bev is funny with her hippie ways and is a tad bit obssessed with aliens...

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Blog Tour: The Girl And The Clockwork Conspiracy by Niki McCormack

Hello Readers Wecome to my stop on The Girl And The ClockWork Conspiracy Blog Tour. You can follow the rest of the tour by clicking on the banner above. Interested in what my thoughts are? Read my review below!! The Girl and the Clockwork Conspiracy (Clockwork Enterprises, #2) by Nikki McCormack Release Date: 09/14/15 214 pages Summary from Goodreads: Maeko hasn’t been long away from the gritty London streets and she’s already learning that her new “civilized” life comes with its own challenges. She has to dress proper, eat proper and be a proper lady. She can’t even talk to a boy without a chaperone. She’s got proper coming out of her ears. If not for her feline companion Macak, she might go mad.  Her one hope for some freedom and excitement comes when the moody detective, Em, asks her to be an apprentice. But that apprenticeship comes with a price. She must agree to spy on Macak’s owner, Lucian, the wealthy businessman and inventor whose life she saved.  Everything changes when Lucian’s brother dies in an explosion while visiting Lucian’s home in the heart of London. The Literati–a powerful group vying for political control of London–say it was murder and Maeko is on their suspect list. With Macak at her side, she must turn once more to her allies, Chaff and Ash. They will have to brave city streets...

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Blog Tour: Blood Diamond by R.J Blain

Welcome to my stop on the Virtual Book Tour for Blood Diamond. You can follow the rest of the tour by clicking on the banner above. Read on for an exclusive excerpt! Title: Blood Diamond Author: R.J Blain Genre: Paranormal Suspense, Urban Fantasy,Supernatural Thriller Publication Date: June 25, 2015 Summary: The world is full of corpses, and Jackson knows them by name. When a group strives to destroy the Inquisition, his powers may be all standing between the supernaturals and extinction. However, when he learns the truth behind the deaths of his wife and unborn daughter, Jackson may prove to be the greatest threat of all to the survival of mankind… Purchase it here: Excerpt: The world was full of corpses, and I, Dante Jackson Emmett Anderson, knew them by name. Unfortunately for me, my brother knew my secret. When my brother asked for help, it usually involved unidentified bodies or paperwork. When he had showed up at my door, I hadn’t expected an invitation to join an Inquisition field operation, one dangerous enough to warrant the use of my brother’s armored truck. He had me dead to rights when he told me I’d be driving, and judging by the way he had smirked while spinning the keys around his finger, he had known it. I doubted the red-painted, tempting seductress of a monstrosity could be eliminated by anything...

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Blog Tour: Broken Prophecy by K.J Taylor

Hello Readers Welcome to my stop on the Broken Prophecy Blog Tour! Read on for an excerpt, my review and a Q&A with the Author!  Follow the tour by clicking on the banner and commenting to increase your chances to win in the Giveaway. Enter below!! Broken Prophecy by KJ Taylor GENRE: Fantasy BLURB: A fun adventure that satirises fantasy tropes in the style of Terry Pratchett. Ambit Afterman is the Chosen One. Born with the mark of the silver bellflower on his palm and given a magical spear, he is the one whose coming the prophecy foretold. Unfortunately, he would much rather drink beer and get laid – destiny can go f**k itself. Together with his demon friend Snarl, Ambit sets out on a mighty quest – to make sure the prophecy doesn’t come true, and avoid doing anything heroic under any circumstances. Along the way he will make polite conversation with demons, not deliver any great speeches, not train with the wise monks, and weasel his way out of adventure and into the nearest pub. But there may just be time to have cheap sex with the beautiful princess along the way. An Excerpt Once, long ago, the Land of Flowers was happy.’ The storyteller paused to look meaningfully at his audience. ‘Yes, very happy,’ he added. ‘But then the demons came. One day the sky went...

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Review Tour: Of Delicate Pieces By A. Lynden Rolland

Hello readers Welcome to my stop on the review tour for Of Delicate Pieces by A. Lynden Rolland. Read on for my review and don’t forget to enter the Giveway for a chance to win one of five (5) digital copies of this book! Of Delicate Pieces (Of Breakable Things) By A. Lynden Rolland Publication Date: October 20, 2015 Publisher: Month9books Settling into her second year of death, Alex is ready to explore her limitless mind in an afterworld that changes each day, but she still isn’t resting in peace. The ‘gifted’ are humans who see spirits and have the same extraordinary mental powers, though they aren’t considered equals. Centuries ago, Alex’s family led the movement to keep the living and dead separated, but the gifted believe Alex is a reincarnation of their slain civil leader. When they begin to break down the barriers that protect the city, the afterworld becomes dangerous and vulnerable to exposure. The living and dead both want to use Alex for their own gain, but what they don’t realize is that neither side will want her when they find out who she really is. In the afterworld, nothing stays buried for long. Purchase Links: Amazon | B&N | BAM | Chapters | Kobo | TBD | iBooks My Review This is one of those books that draw you into its world and seduces you...

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